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MID de COMMERCE is a company of export and import of different food products We market high-end products.

We are specialists in date derivatives, and we also offer a wide range of fresh and organic jams and juice..

Our customers are traders and professionals for the most part, but also ordinary consumers.

Our products are made with passion and delicacy, 100% natural and without additives. They are sold in the form of juice, jam, etc.

Our passion for fruit has allowed us to build a privileged network of suppliers. Our philosophy is to work transparently for lasting and harmonious cooperation.


MID de COMMERCE takes care of all import and export logistics formalities, in compliance with the legislation in force.
We organize customs clearance, palletizing, and ensure delivery to your home if you wish. Large or small quantities, we can deliver from the pallet to the complete truck.


Product available on customer request

Product available and stored

Customs procedures between Tunisia and the rest of the world


Different delivery methods according to customer needs

Quick delivery

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date milkshake

10months ago recipe of date milkshake

350g pitted dates +1banana +250ml cold milk + 1egg + spoonful of date sugar .



date powder

10months ago recipe with date powder

To be used in baking for cakes, pancakes, cookies. .



another solution to lose weight "the date"

Fruit of the date palm, this fruit is easily digested and contains nicotine which fights intestinal disorders. With a laxative effect, this fruit also promotes the growth of pathological organisms as well as good bacteria in the intestines. It is therefore an excellent remedy for constipation and bloating, two main causes of belly swelling. .




“En veille active, toujours à la recherche de nouveaux produits, nous sommes force de proposition pour nos clients For being active, we always looking for new products, and being proposals for our clients.”


“ Always looking for new sources of supply, we guarantee our customers the availability of the material, whatever the climatic problems.”

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MID de COMMERCE is your partner.

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